robin arzon

any bike or tread class robin teaches is going to give you a great workout and put you on top of the world, but my favorite of all time is The Greatest Showman Ride. she is a queen.

boundaries are sexy.

protect your peace and find your people – the ultimate flex.

fix your crown. I only ride with royalty.

no challenge, no change.

movement is medicine.

jess king

i love her. i truly do. she makes me giggle and also kicks my ass. she is a free spirit that feels deeply. try her Jess King Experience rides.

we don’t have ass. we give our whole ass.

glitter is a strategy.

you were enough from the beginning.

cody rigsby

he is a good time and a sneaky ass-kicker. you forget the pain when you’re laughing. and his music makes my pop-loving heart happy. i love his Cody XOXO rides and his Bootcamps.

if britney can get through 2007, you can get up this hill.

fix your wig and get your life together.

be savage, not average.

emma lovewell

she’s a true music lover. i’m always finding new tracks on her rides.

this is what getting stronger feels like.

do it anyway.

jenn sherman

she is peloton’s first instructor and much closer to my age, so i relate to her more and she is still absolutely entertaining. she’s into music and sports and knows a lot about both. try her My Mixtape Rides, Epic Singalong Rides, Yacht Rock Rides and Pregame Rides during football season.

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